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Vilamoura Beaches

For anyone who simply likes to go to the beach to relax, Vilamoura has two beautiful beaches - Vilamoura beach near the Marina Hotel and where you can stroll along Praia da Marina into Quarteira. Falesia beach past the Lake Resort, if you enjoy a walk, Praia da Falésia runs all the way to Olhos d' Àgua, call by the various restaurants and bars on the way, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink when the sun is bearing down, or sit to enjoy the sunset, with the sun dipping into the sea. Falesia beach is ideal to view a stunning sunset over Albufeira. - The perfect finish to a day well-spent. Vilamoura is a great place to stay whether you just want to enjoy the beaches, play a few rounds of golf, have a game or two of tennis, try something more adventurous like parasailing or maybe take a 'champagne cruise' to celebrate a special occasion!

Vilamoura - Falesia Beach

Falesia beach begins in Olhos de Agua with cliffs extending to Vilamoura, a stunning 7km stretch of beach. Best known for the sea, the famous beach and the incredible tones of the rocks and cliffs.The Falesia beach is rated one of the nicest and cleanest beaches in southern Europe. It is safe to swim and is ideal for taking long uninterrupted walks/jogs from sunrise to sunset for miles on end. Surrounding areas of Acoteis, Alfamar, Rocha Baixinha Beach, and Varseas do Quarteira are areas of outstanding beauty and is very different just a couple of kilometres inward – almond trees, fig trees, pines and orange-trees sprinkle the landscape of green!


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